ZBA: Rescheduled Public Hearing 06-06-18 @ 7:00pm

RE: 90 Main St

RESCHEDULED 7:00 PM Shanlen Realty Corp, dba Hoff’s, 90 Main Street, Map 43, Parcel 192, Special Permit under Section 5.3.2 of the Lenox Zoning Bylaw, “Nonconforming Uses” to renovate the current garage and office into a convenience store, with a reduction of the number of filling stations from six (6) to four (4), and the relocation of automobile service and towing service to elsewhere. This was originally scheduled for May 16, 2018 but the notice was defective and therefore was rescheduled to June 6th. *On June 1st Attorney Jeff Lynch requested that this be rescheduled to July 18, 2018.